Why Choose SeaFort

Entrepreneurs that have established successful businesses often struggle with succession planning and ownership transition.  They care deeply about the people involved in their company and want to partner with investors that share those values and are committed to being good stewards of the business over the long term.  SeaFort has a strong track record of completing ownership transitions of small and medium-sized businesses, including:


  • Management buyout, where SeaFort provides a supporting control investment;
  • Growth Financing, where SeaFort makes a majority investment in a business to provide capital necessary to support growth; and
  • Buyout, where SeaFort assumes full ownership of a business and carries on the legacy of the previous owner.


“I established my business in 1958, and stayed with it until I sold to SeaFort in 2012.  They were a pleasure to deal with and have done impressive things with the business, without losing track of my family’s core values and traditions” - Allison W. Leil Sr., Founder and Former Owner, A.W. Leil

“To truly take advantage of opportunities facing our company we needed a value added investor.  The SeaFort team impressed us with their down to earth approach and their expertise.  They also happen to be good guys” - Darryl Cooper, CEO, Cooper Equipment

“We have experienced rapid growth in recent years due to our ability to provide innovative solutions and high quality service to our customers.  By partnering with SeaFort we gain access to additional capital and support, which will enhance our ability to provide top quality service and equipment to our customers without compromising our core values as we continue to grow.” - Pat Potter, CEO, Titanium Tubing Technology